I need to write two things ::
1- what are the advantages and disadvantages of open source code with respect to security? ( one Paragraph)
2- A reply for this post

“Open Source vs Closed source applications has always been a great topic of debate amongst firm believers of freeware vs proprietary apps. I can see both sides of the argument regarding security as being the heat of debate. On the open source side advantage column. We have great coders whom has the best intentions of expanding, looking and mitigating exploits to secure the application at times for free which leaves a lot of room for growth since there isn’t that much overhead. There’s also the suggestion of suggesting a better and efficient coding.

On the other hand open source that peruse the codes for free can sometimes have a less enthused attitude toward about the coding since they’re not paid like 3rd party coders that are hired specifically to find bugs and exploits. There’s also the argument in this day and age of handing open source codes to enemies regarding our own flight applications, weapon programs etc. I think those should be kept secret…clearly. I don’t think there should be a specific black&white stance on the open source/closed source application argument, unless it involves national security.”

thank you