Strategic Analysis Report

Students are required to form a group of 4 to 5 students. Select ANY company of your choice and evaluate their recent issues. The report should include feasible recommendations to address their weaknesses. Prepare the analysis report and the report should be a professional and concise, imparting the important ideas and points clearly.

The report should include the following sections:

1.0 Executive Summary

There should be an executive summary at the beginning of the report outlining the most critical aspects of the analysis. The executive summary should identify the most critical findings and highlight the key components of the strategic recommendations. The team should think of what the CEO for the company most wants to know and capture his/her attention in the executive summary.

2.0 Company Background

Identify the company’s mission and vision. Discuss whether or not the company is actually following the statements. Identify the company’s current operation in relation to their strategy. This section should provide a sound understanding of what the company does. This section should illustrates how the company perform and how they differentiate themselves from the competitors.

3.0 Environmental Analysis

Perform an environmental analysis for the company. The information provided should be related to the analysis of the company. It is important to use the appropriate analysis. The best analysis will be based on the appropriate components of each tool to complete the internal and external analysis.

4.0 Strategic Competitive Advantage and Major Weakness

Based on the analysis, discuss the company’s current sustainable competitive advantage(s). The company’s sustainable competitive advantage should be based on the environmental analysis. Evaluate the biggest challenges that the company is facing. Focus on the key or main issues, which can be related to the internal or external analysis.

5.0 Recommendations

5.1 Strategic Recommendations

Explain the strategic recommendations for the company .Use the business stratey analysis tools discussed in lecture. The recommendations should focis on the company’s suitable competitive advantage and address its biggest issue. The recommendations should be profitable, creative and feasible. It should be ini line with their vision and mission.

5.2 Strategy Justification

In making justification, the team should consider the following:

Feasibility – Does the company have enough resources to effectively implement the idea?

Acceptability – What are the expected risk associated with the recommendations?

6.0 Conclusions

Based on the findings, the company’s board of directors should be convinced it is worth the risk to implement the recommendations. Include an estimated timeline that summarizes the implementation of the recommendations, and when the expected results for the company would occur.

Just do the part of 3.0 (900 words) and 4.0 (600 words), the company is Nestle,thank you.