Hospital Web Sites

Hospital Web Sites Evaluation

People often use hospital Web sites to gather information about the facility. Therefore, it is very important that hospitals implement well-designed Web sites to market services to the public. Hospital marketing professionals should work with a web design team to ensure that information is easy to locate on their site.

To understand how the two facilities you have chosen for your interviews and final project promote themselves virtually, you will do a deep dive into each of their Web sites. This will give you an idea on the overall marketing approach they are taking and offer insight for more meaningful conversations when you conduct your interviews. Feel free to expand to the use of social media and other virtual forms of promotions and communication the facilities may be utilizing.

Your Unit 4 assignment should include a comprehensive comparison paper regarding the following aspects of each Web site:

  • Ability to access information quickly.
  • Visual appeal for patients from a marketing perspective.
  • Visual appeal for physicians or providers from a marketing perspective.
  • Depth of information available on topics of interest.
  • Information you could not locate.

This is expected to be a narrative paper, demonstrating an ability to apply the marketing principles and concepts covered in the course material to evaluate the marketing approaches of the facilities. Be sure to help explain and back up your writing with researched, legitimate, and credible information.