hospitality class assignment

Please write this assignment based on this video:

And you can find two key words from the slide that I upload.

Case Study: Moments of Truth (chapter 3, pages 137-141)

Please read chapter 3 before attempting to work on the discussion questions for this case study.

Chapter 3 offers detailed information on front office activities. However, it will be helpful to see some examples of how the described activities are connected and relevant for quality guest service delivery.

The link provided is a popular training video on front office management used by hoteliers around the world. The target audience is the line-level employees. As future managers and leaders, you will make decisions on which training materials to use (and not use). Please read pages 105-113 in chapter 3 before viewing this video. There are a set of short clips that demonstrate real-life situation pertaining to the guest cycle. Each clip is followed up a brief pause to discuss and contemplate about behaviors exhibited. The video is dated and some examples are not necessarily the best. Nevertheless, the examples provided demonstrate some of the challenges we face in hospitality management. Consistency in quality service delivery is a must have across all operational areas of hospitality. As the author of our textbook states “to many guests, the front office is the hotel”. Offering a variety of training tools (videos, role play, case studies, on the job training) to our front office employees is essential for success.

Using Microsoft Word, answer all three discussion questions (minimum 300 total words) at the end of the case study. Your responses should demonstrate an understanding of concepts covered in chapter 1-3 as well as the instructional materials introduced as of now. Please do not simply offer a synopsis of the case study in your responses. Instead provide detailed examples, use key terminology (minimum two – please highlight key terms used in bold), and justify your rationale for your answers. You are welcomed to offer personal insight in your responses but you must demonstrate an understanding of the information introduced during so far during our course by referencing examples from the book chapters and instructional materials of the past weeks. If you are citing information sources outside of the class textbook or instructional materials already introduced, please reference them using APA style formatting.