housekeeping occupational safety training assignment

Training and development programs are an essential aspect for hospitality employee information dissemination, adherence to quality standards, and personal career growth. Successful training programs follow a general formula:

  • Determine the business objective (Why is the hospitality organization conducting this training? Why is it needed?)
  • Organize 2-3 learning objectives of the training (2-3 things you want the employees to learn during the training)
  • Outline the training:
    • according to time spent on each aspect (total time 30-90 minutes)
    • content or lecture you will cover
    • at least one activity where employees get to practice or do something
    • feedback either at the end via questioning, or after the training via a survey

    INSTRUCTIONS: Students will create a short mock training program centered around housekeeping occupational safety for a hospitality property (hotel, restaurant, etc.) based on the above bullets. Students should conduct some internet research, as well as read the materials in the module to determine what sorts of hazards a housekeeper might face, and build a short 1-2 page training outline with references around prevention of this hazard. You may use this template as a guide.