How might you identify the skills required for successful job performance?

Discussion Topic

In Chapter 10 you read about appropriate supervision and consultation skills, as well how to assume an active stance in your fieldwork placement. There are multiple roles and relationships involved in supervision. As a human service professional, understanding those multiple roles requires appropriate communication skills. Supervision is an integral part of training human service professionals, and is one of the ways in which you can acquire the competence needed to fulfill your professional responsibilities. Supervision is perhaps the most important component in the professional development of a competent practitioner. It is within the context of supervision that human service professionals begin to develop a sense of their own professional identity. As you embark in the human service profession, issues may arise between you, the professional, and the client. As previously discussed, these issues may include transference and countertransference. It is during such times that supervision will be of tremendous benefit in helping you navigate the situation.

Please respond to the following:

  • How might you identify the skills required for successful job performance?
  • Identify the qualities of an effective supervisor. What would you do if your supervision was less than expected?
  • Discuss the implications your style as a human service professional may have for the style you will develop when you work for some institution or agency?

Please remember to cite your work using APA format when referencing from the text or outside resources