How to solve this question

Joe Bright, the marketing manager for Mountain Mist soft drink needs to decide how many TV spots

and magazine advertisements to run during the next quarter. Each TV spot costs $5,000 and is

expected to increase sales by 300,000 cans. Each magazine advertisement costs $2,000 and is

expected to increase sales by 500,000 cans. The total soft drink advertising budget for the next

quarter is set at $100,000; however Mountain Mist wants to spend no more than $70,000 on TV spots

and no more than $50,000 on magazine ads. Mountain Mist earns a profit of 5 cents on each can of

soft drink it sells. Joe has decided to use linear programming to find the most profitable mix of

advertisements. He asks for your help.

(a) What are the decision variables for this problem?

(b) Using decision variables identified in part (a), formulate the objective function for this

problem. Is the quantity of interest to be maximized or minimized?

(c) What are the constraints relevant to this problem? Using the decision variables from

part (a), formulate those constraints.

(d) Give the full mathematical model for this problem