human potential and the arts 15 annotated bibliography see direction below


Directions:Neumann University requires that you complete an Annotated Bibliography containing 15-20 sources, which were used for your ELP-Paper.

In this class you are only required to have fifteen (15) entries.

Some of your Annotated Bibliography entries were submitted, corrected, and returned in REFLECTIONS: Self-Assessment Quizzes. Points were not deducted from your REFLECTIONS Quiz for any corrections that needed to be made to those annotations.

However, in this assignment you will receive a final grade for the Annotated Bibliography. Since necessary corrections were already noted for you, I would expect to see correct citations/annotations in this submitted assignment.

The citation of each source must be in the latest MLA Format:



1. The title Appendix A: Annotated Bibliography should be centered at the top of the first page.

2. Use correct MLA Format.

3. Both the citations and the annotations are Double Spaced. – There is only ONE Double Space between the citation and the first line of the annotation, and ONE Double Space between each entry.

4. The length of each annotation should be and no longer than five sentences.

5. All entries are in alphabetical order by the first word in each citation.

Components of an Annotation:

Neumann has specific criteria for the Annotated Bibliography: The 5-7 page Annotated Bibliography, must conform to the latest established MLA standards of documentation. It should incorporate approximately the required sources.

Of total number of sources, 50 percent [50%] must be hard-copy items, such as books, data base articles, scholarly peer-reviewed journals, periodicals, films, recordings, YouTube, and the like; the other 50 percent can be taken directly from APPROVED Internet sources. (All Internet sources must be valid and approved by the instructor).

In this course, I require fifteen (15) sources/entries in your Annotated bibliography.

If (15) sources are submitted, five (5) may be approved Internet sources and ten (10) must be hard-copy sources. All fifteen (15) sources may also be hard-copy sources.

In addition, I am requiring that each annotation contain certain elements:

1. In one sentence, state what the source is about or the purpose/findings of the author.

For example: The purpose of the author was to reveal the life and artistic works of Grandma Moses.

State if the author had stated ANY – Findings, Conclusions, or a position. REMEMBER: There may not be any. It may be strictly informational.

2. State if there were any limitations to this source. If there were no limitations say so.

For example:

The limitation to this web site was that the author did not present any opposing viewpoints.

3. State if the source contained charts, lists, illustrations, pictures, etc. – If it does not, say so.

For example: This source did not contain any pictures or lists, but it contained charts.


This source contained pictures of the artist’s work.

4. State WHO would find the source useful.

For example: This source would be useful to anyone seeking basic information on Baroque music.