I need 5 good pages to mix into my paper

Te topic for this paper is
Organizational Communication across a globally disbursed
work force. I uploaded the outline I submitted a few weeks ago. I would like it if you could work off that template. Your work can be very generic and vague as long as it follows the mantra of ethical communication. I will tie it together with 3 or 4 pages of content from my specific topic. I have been too busy to work on this and I just need some help at this point. I am rocking a steady A right now so this paper doesn’t need to win any awards. Please use in text citations in your work. Feel free to use the refrence list I provided in the upload.

Writing Requirements

  • The final research paper should be 8-10 pages.
  • It should include a title page, an introduction to your topic, a review of literature section, a discussion section that includes observations you make about the topic based on the information in your review of literature and your knowledge of professional codes of ethics, a summary/evaluation reflection section, and a reference list.P
  • Provide headings for each of the sections in the paper.
  • A minimum of ten credible sources should appear on the reference list.
  • Be certain to provide in-text citations in the body of your paper to identify the sources of information.
  • Use transition sentences or paragraphs to guide the reader from one section of the paper to the next.

Content Requirements

  1. Your title page should contain the title of your paper and your name. Begin your introduction on the next page.
  2. In your introduction, you should briefly summarize your paper topic and specific aspects of ethical communication your paper covers.
  3. In your literature review section you should:
    1. Identify and define one or more ethical theories or concepts that apply to your topic.
    2. Discuss what others have written about this particular topic or issues related to this topic.
  4. In your discussion section you should:
    1. Identify and cite codes of ethics that you examined that apply to your topic.
    2. Explain how the codes of ethics may have (1) helped identify ethical issues related to your topic and/or (2) provided guidance in making decisions about ethical communication related to your topic.
  5. In your summary reflection section, you should:
    1. Consider and reflect on how individual cultural differences may impact the perspectives of your ethical communication topic. For example, how might people of different genders, races, ethnicities, nationalities, religious beliefs, etc. see the topic differently depending on their culture? How might these perspectives relate to one or more of the five key ethical values of truth, justice, freedom, care, and integrity?
    2. Reflect on your personal observations based on your personal code of ethics. How does your personal code of ethics impact your perspective on the topic?
    3. Conclude by summarizing one or more recommendations you feel are important for others to consider about aspects related to your topic that they might encounter in their lives.
  6. Your reference section should contain an alphabetical listing of each of the sources you used for the paper formatted in APA style.