I need help to write a sales plan over a Fujimi PE-8800 massage chair. or any other brand.. Sales P

I need help to write a sales plan over a Fujimi PE-8800 massage chair. or any other brand.. Sales Plan you will be preparing a WRITTEN sales plan. You will NOT be giving an oral presentation. Any time the outline uses a word like “Present”, interpret it to mean “Include in your paper”. If asked to present a sample or other physical item such as advertising, etc., describe what you would use if you were to actually present it.. Planning Format for an Oral or Written Sales Presentation I. Introduction a. The company and the product/service i. A brief, general coverage of the company ii. A brief, general coverage of the product or service b. Competition i. A brief comparison of the company against its major competitors 1. Give a brief explanation of how a salesperson uses this information in his/her personal sales contacts c. Price i. A brief coverage of pricing policies of the company ii. A brief coverage of price discounts and how salespeople use them d. The salesperson and his/her job i. A brief, general coverage of personal attributes required for salespeople 1. Present a checklist of personal characteristics and attributes essential to proper performance of the sales job which salespeople might use for self-evaluation ii. Job description that covers the sales of the product or service of the company 1. Present the job description II. Market delineation, Customer Motivation and Product Benefits a. The potential customer i. Prepare an analysis of the potential customer 1. Delineate target markets for the product or service ii. Analyze your potential customers in terms of motivating factors affecting the purchase of your products and services b. Differential competitive advantage and buying motives i. Present a competitive analysis chart which shows: 1. Product, service, source, and people superiority 2. Buying motives (consumer or industrial) that are applicable to each point of superiority III. Advertising and Sales Promotion a. Advertising i. Present a reasonable sample of the company’s advertising when available ii. How could advertising be used directly and specifically by the salesperson in his own selling activity b. Sales Promotion i. Present a reasonable sample of the company’s sales promotion material when available ii. Present at least one sales promotion or visual aid of your own creation, and explain how you would use it in the sales presentation IV. Prospecting and Pre-Approach Planning a. The prospecting plan i. Present a prospecting system that you might use effectively 1. Include a prospect source record ii. Give a brief presentation on how you will use your system b. Pre-Approach Planning i. Present a pre-approach plan or steps you would follow in preparation for calling on a prospect ii. Make use of an Account Profile Planning Form V. Using the Telephone Effectively a. Methods and procedures for telephone use i. Explain briefly several applications of the telephone to the sale of your chosen product or service ii. Illustrate the six-step telephone track for gaining appointments for a personal visit VI. The Approach a. Give the purpose of the approach and its application to the specific sale of the product or service b. Develop five approaches employing different methods and exact wording which you could use in the initial contact with customers and prospects VII. Asking Questions and Listening a. Specific questioning techniques i. Develop a series of open-ended and closed-ended questions ii. Illustrate amplification probes iii. Discuss and use the concept of burden b. Prepare a standard list of questions applicable to your product/service c. Explain how you would direct the flow of conversation and stay in control of the interview d. Confirm the problem or need e. Illustrate effective listening techniques i. Discuss at least six guidelines for effective listening ii. We talk at about 150 words/minute, but listen at up to 600 words/minute 1. Illustrate how to capitalize on thought speed 2. Develop a plan to increase your ability to concentrate on what the prospect/client is saying VIII. Developing the Sales Presentation a. Methods i. Submit a list of possible methods of dramatizing your product or service. Apply these methods to the sale of your product or service. ii. Create as many Units of Conviction as possible iii. Originality and creativity are essential b. Selling aids i. Prepare and present the visual aids (i.e., organizer, illustrator, etc.) you would recommend for use. Actual selling aids should be prepared ii. Originality and creative thinking are necessary at this point IX. Objections and Closing of the Sale a. Objections i. Prepare a list of possible objections which potential prospects/customers might voice ii. Give your answer to these objections iii. Describe how you would proceed to answer objections; both early in the presentation and after you have established need. Give several specific examples of techniques used along with exact wording b. Closing the Sale i. Prepare a list of buying signals that might apply to your product or service ii. Prepare a list of closes that you might use with an explanation of each iii. Use several of these closes as you might apply them in a sales presentation. Develop dialogue to illustrate X. Service (Follow-Up) or Total Service Management a. Describe what you would do to build goodwill before, during and after the sale has been made b. Present a follow-up service, insured satisfaction checklist