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he Epic of Son Jara clearly emphasizes the heritage of the main protagonist – Son Jara. As we discussed in class, he has strong lineage in both the Islamic world and his mother’s African roots. In order to better understand cultural attitudes during this time frame, choose ONE of the following topics to create a brief discussion post. Does the topic have ties in both the Islamic world and African culture, or is it predominately found in just one culture? Use at least two examples from the book to back up your theory. Remember to include line numbers and page numbers. Comparisons to the 1001 Nights is also acceptable as well as other cultures and literatures.

1. Griot | Importance of oral tradition

2. Infanticide

3. Monolith of the hero

4. Animal Sacrifice and the idea of destiny

5. Polygamous customs

6. Deformity

7. Slavery

8. Patriarchy | genealogy and ancestry

I did mines on Animal sacrifice and the idea of destiny

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Animal Sacrifice is a religiously devoted practice that is orchestrated in the intentional killing of an animal to serve as a debt to one’s favoring God in order to gain something out of it.Perhaps, some of the gaining’s could be- forgiveness, a reward, relieve from curses, mitigating life tribulations, discovering one’s destiny, becoming powerful, and along with many more.

This particular issue has been going on since the beginning of human civilizations, biblical times, medieval times, and other essential times as well. An example, in the biblical times this concept was pursued in pertaining to “earn forgiveness” from God. In Leviticus- 4:35,“He sacrifices a lamb for blood, to serve as a debt for his sins, in order to gain God’s forgiveness and mercy.’’ This was common in the old testament in the bible because, Hebrews 9:22- states,” Under the law almost everything is purified with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins.” So, you should be able to understand the notion of the essential of “animal sacrifices” in biblical time was justly a form of offering to save oneself from God’s curses on their wickedness.

In the Islamic and African culture– anciently and modernly; animal killing is commonplace. Both cultures’ commit this kind of sacrifice for the same and different reasons, but essentially to serve their God in some form of way. Again, the matter in this subject is just to understand that this is unsurprisingly new and culture ordinary in such.

On the contrary, annihilating animals could be perceived as a good thing. In the story Beowulf, he has to kill monstrous animals to save his people from being obliterated. Therefore, this sacrifice helps Beowulf raised in status in becoming king and received praised for his wondrous heroism.

In the epic story Son-Jara –on page 544, line 1190-1195, ‘’ They slaughtered both the rams, and cast them down a well, so the deed would not be known.’’ This concept of “Destiny” comes to play in this context as a representation of a unforeseen prophecy that was preach a lot in the story, of what should take place in the future–(for that his ram was undefeated), therefore a signification and symbol that he must be the one to rule the Manden people not his brother.