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Consider the Project described than answer the following questions: Answer 1, 2 and 3 (5 pts)

EFFAT University is initiating a project related to the renovation of the theatre hall within the campus, in order to provide for renovated finishing and furniture, retail areas, systems for acoustics and HVAC, as well as an additional gate and parking outdoor area. The plan is to start the design by June 2020 and execution starting the beginning of September 2020. The total duration of the project needs to be determined.

Therefore, the design and detailing for the works are planned to assure the compliance and approvals of different involved stakeholders, under a traditional procurement delivery method. The first priority for the client is the design quality of the construction services, secondly the time for delivery to be before November 2020, and then the determined Budget to be scheduled within the required timeframe of the project plan by a suggested management team.

1-According to project scope and objectives, What are the most risks that the project management plan needs to consider? 1.5pts

  1. Mention two risks to be consider? What are there types. (1 Pt)
  2. Who is the risk owner in these case? Propose action plan if needed? (0.5Pt)

2-Determine consultancy teams required by the Owner; Relevant to the traditional delivery method.

Highlight consultants and designers needed for the different themes in the project. 1 pt

3- From your point of view, and relative knowledge related to Construction Contract Administration, answer the following: ( 2.5 pt )

Write a draft contract between Effat University, and all entities assigned to deliver the project as stated in Part I, determine parties involved, duties and responsibilities. State the work assigned for the project development throughout different stages, to assure the completion of project within the pre-set main objectives and according to codes and standards. Total Budget of Project is (X SAR).

Indicate contract conditions including date of project start and other relative terms of contract:

-The contract should reflect the type of Procurement delivery system to be traditional contract format.

-The contract should reflect the time schedule relative to the project activities, in addition to arties names, Work Location and address, work description, time frame, total sum, payment terms, change orders process, laws, dispute resolution method adopted, suggest additional terms