I want Budget Process City of Thousand oaks

I want Budget Process City of Thousand oaks

+ please post a bulleted overview of the budget process for the assigned jurisdiction.

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This is example Budget Processfor city simi Valley but I want Budget Process City of Thousand oaks

The budget process; City of Simi Valley

January 4th to the July 15th– The budgeting process begins by the budgeting officer presenting to the budget committee the estimates of the projected expenditure and revenue in the city. This overview is prepared by closely following the policies for effectively managing the City’s financial resources as a key requirement.

March to April- The committee discusses the various budget outlays. Those that seem overstated are reduced and those that are understated raised to an agreeable estimate. The Budget Officer is tasked with providing the committee with advises on fiscal matters in the city.

May 5th-June 10th– The next step is the evaluation of the portfolios as projected by the committee after which the proposal is sent to the Houses of the budget for a deeper analysis. Analyzing the budget outlay is the main activity that takes place in the Houses of the budget where criticism is given about all the factors to be considered.

Late June to Early August- The budget outlay for every sector is classified and categorized according to the field. They outlays are the given to the respective sub-committees. The sub-committees have the responsibility of objectively going through the budget and then making final recommendations.

Late August- The budget is the handed back to the committee to review the input from each of the sub-committees. Possible final changes can then be effected. The committee upon finishing the discussions can then vote for or against the budget.

September 1st– If the budget is voted for, it is then forwarded to the city governor who has until the 15th of September to approve. He then starts to organize for funding. The budget is shared on the tool http://simivalley.opengov.com/ to be accessed by the citizens so as to build trust with them about the administration.