Identify and discuss any two issues that your found interesting in Chapter 91, assignment help

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  1. Identify and discuss any two issues that your found interesting in Chapter 91: Offender Reentry

One thing I found interesting is how the chapter is written. The Chapter and really most of reading from this book as a whole seems to place blame on the United States or the government rather than the individuals committing the crime, The sentence “No other nation deprives such a high percentage of its citizens of their liberty” clearly places blame on the symptom of criminal activity rather than the reason for higher crime rates. A better, less one sided way this could be expressed in this chapter could possibly be; No other nation’s citizens participate in criminal activity resulting in the loss of their liberty than that of the United States. The second topic I found interesting regarded how the probability of arrest doubled between 1980 and 2001. During this time there was a sharp decrease in crime while there was a large increase in prisoners. While the chapter states that this stat validates that America has chosen to rely on prison as a response to crime, one could also argue that the threat of longer prison terms served as a deterrent resulting in lower crime rates.

  1. Identify and discuss any two issues that you found interesting in Chapter 72: Community Corrections.

The first issue I found interesting in the reading in Chapter 72 was the origination of probation supervision. The idea was originated by John Augustus who was a shoemaker who wanted to help people who were arrested for petty crimes. These individuals were released under Augusta’s care to help transition to normal life. The next aspect I found interesting was the sheer amount of induvial that are in the community corrections system. Of the 7 million that are on correctional supervision, 70% are supervised within the community (Miller, n.d.).

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