In this assignment, write a set of instructions or processes.

Task: In this assignment, you will write a set of instructions that explain to a user how to operate a device, how to make something, or how to accomplish a task. Attached is two examples of instructions and the last file is the full assignment description.

Length:There is no minimum or maximum word count. However, your instructions must have 25 or more steps. More information on the number of steps is provided below.

Graphics:You must include graphics, ideally one for each main step.

o at least 10 graphics should be integrated into your set of instructions

o at least four graphics should be original

o graphics borrowed from other sources need to be cited in APA format

o all graphics should be labeled


Please keep in mind the following principles when writing this assignment:

You must have at least 25 steps. This does not mean that you need 25 main steps. Some steps can be nested under other steps. More information on this strategy is given in the resources provided in the class on writing steps for instructions.

Each step is to be numbered and is to begin with an imperative verb, as the resources in the class indicate.

Ideally, every step will include a picture or graphicto help the reader follow the instructions.