Intercultural Activity Presentation

  • To add perspective and context to your presentation, gather resources such as informal interviews with people from the respective culture, corresponding text readings and articles, Web sites, and media presentations.
  • In your presentation, specifically address the following, using examples and illustrations from your intercultural experience(s) and the resources you collected:
    • Compare the culture you engaged in with your own.
    • Discuss the potential impact cultural differences have on communication.
    • Analyze how nonverbal communication affects intercultural communication.
    • Summarize your thoughts, questions, and viewpoints regarding your experience.
    • Analyze why you chose specific experiences to share.
  • Include a written transcript with your video presentation.

Create a power point presentation in which you compare the United States Marines to the United States Navy with the Navy being your primary culture and the Marines being a foreign, secondary culture.

The power point presentation should be around 5 mins in APA Format. Use as many sources as you need. Include in-text citations.

I will put a paper in regards to the primary culture in the link below.