Internship Journal 4

2 pages Double spaces

one page narrative and one page reflection.

You can focus little more on reflection.

Your internship work will be evaluated by me based primarily on your journal entries.Your journal should be both a descriptive narrative of your internship experience (what it is that you are doing to accomplish the goals you and your sponsor have set) and a reflective narrative (what that experience means in terms of a larger learning experience). It should connect the practical work experience with your academic course work whenever possible.

You can read this below and write this Journal.

Make sure you cover all key points below, but in a better way.

Many stores are temporarily closed due to the impact of coronavirus. Stores that are still open are also actively responding to the government’s request to accept only takeaway and delivery orders.

A while ago, I organized a lot of information files to prepare for future work. Based on the application requirements of the most used delivery platforms owned by our company, I created an application form for a new store to apply for delivery platforms. Whenever a new store needs to apply to join the delivery platform, the applicant can fill in the relevant information according to the form requirements and then directly submit it to the delivery platform staff. After the production was finished, I sent it to the UberEats owner who manages our stores. After communicating with him, I added Chinese, which means that this form is in two languages.

In addition, I also collected ubereats’ instructions for using the table and the user’s instructions for the back-end website for restaurant management. Put together these three documents, the application form and two instructions for use.

This framework-based document provided very beneficial results for my work and partners, and saved a lot of time.

In addition, I put together all our marketing solutions and produced a list of marketing methods for new stores. In my previous work experience, I realized that many franchisees and store managers are not sensitive to marketing. I think this document can provide a good reference for our franchisees.

The first part is to analyze customers, understand their stores and understand the local market

Understand customer needs by analyzing them.

For example, the mindset of some consumers is that I don’t care how good you are. I just care how good you can make me. If I send friends, it will be welcome. Such consumers often recognize products and define products through scenes, so the value of the store and the environment are important. They pay for the value. So consumers are buying more than just products.

By understanding the characteristics of your store and local market, you can ensure that your perfect side can be presented to the corresponding consumers in an effective way.

The accuracy of market information can lead to better accurate marketing. There is a lot of market information. For example, according to the macro-environment analysis: the primary and secondary industries in the store can analyze the main groups that constitute the main local industry, and then analyze the source of the main local consumption power. Micro-environment analysis can determine the customer group based on the environment near the store, and then subdivide the customer group, and then make targeted market plans based on customer group behavior and demand.

The second part is online marketing

KOL: Key Opinion Leader is someone who has a greater influence on purchase behavior. Such as celebrities, YouTuber. Through their influence can expand the influence of stores.

It’s also important to set up your own social account. The correct experience of the store’s social account can attract potential customers on the network, solidify the existing customer base, and bring closer the intimacy of customers and brands. Such as ins, facebook, etc.

The third part is offline marketing

Direct Mail Advertising is one. It is a direct mail advertisement that sends promotional items to consumers through mailing, gifting and other forms. This method is very useful for local marketing.