Interview assignment, resume and company report

I have interview assignment in communication class, what I need is ONE PAGE company report and I will chose a company to talk about. (read picture 5 about it)

and also I want ONE PAGE resume about me, I attached pdf file has all the instructions about the resume. so the total is two pages, I want each paper in individual “docx” file

first: company report

I want the report to be about Saudi Airlines . Read the pictures to know more about the assignment, and focus in picture 5

second: resume

I want to resume to be about me

I will mention my information and tell me what information you need so I will tell you.

I WANT ALL INFORMATION IN THIS PAPER ABOUT ME so if you have any question ask me

Name: alwaleed Ayyad

address: 5271 Huntington Dr N, Los Angeles CA 90032



birthday: 04/27/1995

Student in California state university

high school: Graduated in 2012 from Al-Andalus high school in Saudi Arabia-Jeddah

I used to be the EVP of my father’s companies from Dec 2014-Jan 2016

it was two companies, mineral water company ( Manahel Alqaseem) and Construction company (SMM)