Judicial System Levels of Courts

Research the judicial system of your home state or a different state
of your choice. Use the National Center for State Courts website from
the module resources to lead you to your state court system’s online
portal. In the first paragraph of your initial post, provide a brief
“court system profile” of your state’s judicial system, being sure to
include the following points:

  • Are your judges appointed or elected?
  • How many levels of appeals courts are there?
  • What venue (geographical area) and jurisdiction (subject matter) does each trial court in your state have authority to hear?

Then, in your next paragraph, answer the following:

  • Given your state’s geography and court system structure, what issues
    are likely to arise regarding venue for different criminal and civil

In response to your peers, reply to at least two students who
described a state different from your own. Note any similarities and
differences between your state and the states described by the other
students. Pose a question about those students’ state court systems, or
note something that surprised or interested you in their posts.