lab 9 meiosis and reproduction

2. Watch the You tube video Meiosis ( by the Amoeba sisters again) at the following link:

3. Then for a more cellular/biological look at meiosis watch the second You tube Meiosis-Made simple Easy animation at this link:

From the two videos ……. answer the following-reference the videos in your answers so I can give you credit for watching them

1. Meiosis is a reduction division. What does this mean exactly?

2. What kind of cells are produced by meiosis?

3. What are homologous chromosomes?

4. What is crossing over (also known as synapsis) and why does it occur in meiosis? In other words, what is the function of cross over?

From the interactive Snurfle Meiosis and Genetics games….

6.Define the following terms





8.Lastly, write a brief summary of meiosis and how it is similar and yet very different from mitosis (1-2 paragraphs). That is the END of the lab report.