Leadership and Organizational Culture

Answer the following questions (2-3 paragraphs for each question):

  1. How might lack of cultural dimension play a role influencing leadership?
  2. Dirks explores follower trust in the leader-follower relationship. He observes that follower trust in the leader appears to influence the level of team performance. Explain why follower trust is important, and how it influences team (group) performance.

Writing Requirements

  • APA format, 2-3 paragraphs for each question
  • Use the APA template located in the Student Resource Center to complete the assignment.

100 words discussion question

1.Why should culture play a role in aiding our understanding of leadership?

2.Why should we focus on followers in our study of leaders and the leadership process? How and where might followers fit into our model of leader effectiveness?

3.How Nick’s Pizza Delivers Training Results

This case describes the success of Nick’s Pizza, a pizza restaurant in two locations in northwest Chicago that has a 20 percent turnover rate (in an industry that has a 200 turnover rate) and operating profits of 14 percent (in an industry that has an average operating profit of 6 ½ percent). Nick’s is choosy about who get hired and then provides them with enough training to operate skillfully and exercise sound judgment.


  • To the extent that you can provide details from the information given and a visit to Nick’s Pizza Web site (http://www.nickspizzapub.com), prepare a needs assessment for training kitchen staff at Nick’s.
  • Remember to include organization, person and task analyses.
  • How does the work environment support training at Nick’s? In what additional ways besides those described, could the work environment support training?

4.Should Managers Feel Obligated to Be Mentors?

5.You are in a meeting about the strategy for an automotive client who is proposing a new upscale luxury version of an electric car. One of your team members says positioning is an old strategy and no longer useful for modern products because the market is so complex and changes so fast. Another person argues strongly that you need to understand the position in the consumer’s mind before you can even begin to develop an advertising strategy. Discuss one side of this issue for the launch of this new product and develop your position to present and defend in a class debate.

6.The following are from actual brand communication campaigns. If you were involved in a go/no go decision, what would you decide? For each idea, explain your analysis.

You are assigned to develop a Super Bowl ad for the Groupon Internet coupon website that advertises daily deals in local media. The company has been using a “Save the Money” campaign with Hollywood stars talking about a cause they support and then connecting that to a deal they got off Groupon. So what to do for the Super Bowl? A colleague suggests using a star speaking about the plight of the Tibetan people and their culture with pictures of snow capped mountains and dancing children, followed by a scene with the star in a Himalayan restaurant talking about what he saved on his meal. What do you think about this idea?

Zappos, an online apparel retailer with a quirky, brash culture, has received a proposal from its agency. You are on the Zappos management team. The idea is to show naked models doing everyday things, such as jogging, playing Frisbee, hailing a cab, and riding a Vespa – all with censor bars strategically placed. Although using naked people to sell clothing is a little literal, the agency argues that it also is highly attention getting. What do you think?