Lesikar’s Chapter 11, Assignment Letter Report help

Assignment: Letter Report


Readings: Lesikar’s Chapter 11, pages 349 – 362

Sample letter Report, pages 360 – 361

Lesikar’s Appendix B, pages 608 – 611

Length: 750 words minimum, not counting Works Cited

Audience: Your supervisor, colleagues, and clients

Purpose: To research and recommend career advice to potential clients

Format: Formal business letter style, including the following elements:

Return Address (or you may use a Letterhead)


Inside Address

Salutation, followed by colon

Letter contents


Signature Block

Second Page Heading

MLA-style parenthetical, in-text references for any source material used

MLA-style Works Cited List

Writing Situation: You work for a company1 whose mission is to offer advice to college students who are

considering their career options. In today’s meeting, your supervisor asked you to research the career

outlook in one of the Occupation Groups listed in the “Occupational Outlook Handbook” section on the

government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) website available at this address:


For example, if you click the Education, Training, and Library link in the Occupational Groups list, you

might research the career of High School Teacher. If you click the Healthcare link, you might research

the Nursing career. You may select any career from the ones listed on the BLS website.

Assignment Requirements: Write a 750-word (roughly two full pages, single-spaced) Letter Report in

which you present your findings about the career outlook for the occupation you have chosen to

research. You should include the following information, in addition to any other relevant material you

find in your research:

 Employment prospects

Typical jobs

Advancement opportunities

 Salary range

 Career advantages/disadvantages

Typical responsibilities

Your recommendations (see below for more information about this important section)

1 In writing about the company in this assignment, you should feel free to make up a company name.

2 You must use this website in your research

To succeed on this assignment, you will need clear recommendations in your Report. The specific

audience for this part of the Report will be the potential clients who seek advice about their careers.

Based on your research, what would you recommend to a college student who is interested in the career you have researched in this Report? In addition to the BLS website provided above, you might also search for information disseminated by professional societies. These groups will often publish useful statistics on salaries, working conditions, and other information about the field. For instance, the NSA and AICPA are both professional societies for Accountants. Whatever sources you use should be credible and professional or academic-based.

Do not consult sources such as Wikipedia, Ask, or other sites whose information might not be reliable.