letter to your congressman concerning food waste, writing homework help

Letter: Read the H. R. 4184 Food Recovery Act Bill (https://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/house…).

Craft a concise 1 page letter concerning food waste that supports or opposes the bill to one of your national representatives. If your representative has taken a stance, do you oppose or appreciate or disapprove of their stance? (Your national representative: http://bebusinessed.com/congress-fax-numbers/washi…)

Full Marks: Letter should be thoughtful, takes a stance and must shows excellent understanding of the bill and proposes a well-articulated opinion on the issue. You should reach out to representative and express yourself concisely. Letter shows thoughtful reflection of reading material.

Reflection: Write a 1 page single space reflection on what you’ve found and learned from the record of my food waste(https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0e-VnMMu-vZd0ZI…).

What surprised you? How do your food waste habits compare to your peers? Why do you think we waste so much food? How much did all of your food waste cost? Do you think you could waste less food during your day to day? How?

Full Marks: Thoughtful reflection and critical analysis, using the larger themes talked about in class as well as information found in the reading materials. Excellent writing and presentation, easy to read, coherent explanation and good flow, no major grammatical errors or misspellings, uses the provided formatting guidelines.