LIB 202 Ashford University Wk 3 Separate Spheres or New Woman Reflection Paper

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Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, review These Women Composers Should Be Household Names Like Bach or Mozart (Links to an external site.), Edmonia Lewis (Links to an external site.), and Biography of Isadora Duncan (Links to an external site.).

As I discuss in my Guidance for this week, by the 1800s and into the 1900s, women have become politically active, working for their rights to vote, hold office, be involved in legislation, and to be considered equal to men in other ways. (First Wave Feminism). How is this reflected in women’s art of the period? How does the art of women begin to move away from emulating men’s art to becoming a distinct interpretation of art in its own way? How does it begin to embrace openly the differences between men and women? Is this good or bad, and why?

Remember that your critical thinking grade is based on incorporating a multimedia piece into your discussion, one that supports your ideas, and that your general knowledge grade is based on using all of the required sources for the week.

Be sure to support your ideas with examples from the required readings and videos for the week. As always, citation is mandatory. Please review APA style.

Respond to your instructor’s question with a first response, due on Day 3. In your first response, embed a multimedia piece, such as a short clip of a video, a link to an audio, or an image that supports or enhances the textual evidence in your response. Remember the multimedia enhances your discussion but does not replace it. Although you may embed additional multimedia in your responses to your classmates, it is only required in the initial response. Attend discussion, responding to your classmates on at least three separate days by Day 7 to keep the dialogue moving. There is no required word count for individual posts as long as all your posts together total 500 words.

Guided Response: Discussions are dialogues with your peers and instructor about the course content. This means that in addition to posting a first response to the prompt, you will continue to dialogue throughout the week by posting a total of four days in the week. Although the first post is not a mini-essay, it is expected that you will draw from the readings and use textual evidence to support your discussion. In addition, you will add multimedia to your posts to enhance our experience of women creating culture. When you embed multimedia, you will guide your classmates toward understanding your contribution by explaining your reasons for selecting the image, video, or audio. When responding to classmates, try to add something new and insightful to the discussion. There are a variety of ways to do so; for example, you can expand on your classmate’s post, reply to a question, or share an insight. You will find more guidance on how to post an excellent discussion response and respond to your peers under the About Discussions topic in Course Home.

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