literature essay 10

Write an essay of approximately 500-750 words explaining your position on one of the two claims given. Use a total of four texts from our syllabus to support your claims. (Don’t forget to include brief quotes with parenthetical citations!) Two of the texts must be from the first seven weeks (prior to our midterm). You may have up to 2 hours to complete your essay.

1. Social roles and expectations make equal relationships between men and women virtually impossible.

2. Supernatural or magical forces in literature rarely solve human problems: they produce at least as much harm as good.

Reading for EH 201 Western World Literature

Moliere: Tartuffe

Coleridge: “Christabel,” “Kubla Khan”

Byron: “The Girl of Cadiz,” “She walks in beauty,” “Stanzas to Augusta,” “When we two parted”

Keats: “The Eve of St. Agnes, “La Belle Dame sans Merci,” “When I have fears that I may

cease to be”

Poe: “Annabel Lee”

Pushkin: “The Bronze Horseman”


Faust, Part One


The Kreutzer Sonata

Calvino: “The Parrot,” “The Canary Prince,” Quack, Quack! Stick to My Back”

Perrault: “Cinderella”

Grimms: “Cinderella”

Ahmed-ud-Din, “Cinderella”

Broumas, “Cinderella”

Hay, “Interview”

Hussey, “Cinderella Liberated”

Plath, “Cinderella”

Sexton, “Cinderella”

Yolen, “Knives”