Using the format of the cases used thus far in the course, write a description of a situation that you have experienced or witnessed. This case should be no more than two to three (2-3) pages long in description. You may add exhibits if they will help inform the case. They are not necessary. Then develop 3-4 questions that could serve as the basis for a discussion about the case with your colleagues.

The Case Study Submission will include:

  1. Brief Introduction (1/2 page): This will set the context, background, and identify any individuals. Change the names of any real people.
  2. Case description (1-2 pages): This will describe the issues, problems, occurrences, etc. Provide adequate detail so that reader’s understand the case. However, you need not provide every single detail. In fact, in most cases (in real life) we must work without all of the facts.
  3. Questions for discussion (3-4 questions): These will get at the heart of the problem solving dilemma.