look for a news article analyze morally in relevant to course materials

  • Find some piece of news that seems like it has elements to which our course material is relevant, e.g., a story about businesses laying-off workers during the quarantine. (Our course talks about morality, theories like Doctrine of duble effect, nihilism and egoism etc…. )
  • Provide a moral analysis of the news piece. A good analysis will likely run around 500 words.
  • The analysis will provide:
    • A BRIEF synopsis of the relevant parts of the news piece.
    • Explanation of WHY our course material is relevant to the news piece. This is the most significant part of the analysis.
    • A BRIEF conclusion concerning what should be done or whether what was done was morally permissible.

A good analysis will apply course content in an INTERESTING way, e.g., finding a way in which the first formulation of the categorical imperative is applicable is much more interesting than finding a way that moral obligations are relevant (since they almost always are).

I’ve attached an example analysis below. In the document, the article appears first followed by the analysis.