M2A1: Article Review

During this course you will complete three (3) article reviews on assigned journal articles that relate to risk assessment and critical infrastructure protection in homeland security. For each review you will discuss how the issues in the article are applicable to course material as well as any criminal justice contexts. These articles require critical thinking and analysis.

The article review assignments are intended to encourage the habit of reading academic journals such as Homeland Security Affairs or The International Journal of Critical Infrastructure Protection.

For this article review, read the following article:

Read the article carefully and write a review using the following format:

  1. Give the full citation of the journal article.
  2. Summarize the key points and findings in the article.
  3. Discuss the relationship of the article to course material, and if applicable, how it relates to criminal justice components.
  4. Analyze the article from your own viewpoint. What are your thoughts and opinions? How can you support your views with course material as well as outside material?
  5. What questions does the article raise that you would like to explore further?

Your article review should be 3–4 pages in length; typed in a Microsoft Word document using Times New Roman font size 12, double spaced with one-inch margins on all sides. Follow the APA style for writing, editing, and citations.