M5 Discussion B – Effectively Delivering Human Services

his discussion is your second opportunity to work together to “wrap up” this course and identify important ideas for your final paper.

In your initial comment you should focus on what you have ascertained to be the most important issues associated with the effective delivery of human services. Some of these issues include client progress, self-assessment, and worker effectiveness. What worker competencies are necessary, and what constitutes quality case management?

In your initial comment be sure to discuss why you think the ones you have chosen are important and how they might be better implemented either in your focal agency or in the broader human services delivery system. Be sure to use concepts from the course readings, not simply your own ideas.

Then return to the discussion area 2 more times to read the comments made by your fellow students. Choose to reply to at least two of them in some depth, focusing on the issue of how to implement best practices.

Again, you comments should be an application of the course readings and not just relating your experience or the practice you may have noted in your agency.

The Division of Juvenile Justice and Opportunities for Youth is my focal angency