Machiavelli on Human Nature

Reading question 1: Machiavelli on Human Nature

Machiavelli, The Prince, Dedicatory Letter and chapters 1-9. This is the link for the free text

Based on your reading of The Prince, answer these questions

What is Machiavelli’s account or conception of human nature? In other words, does he think highly of what humans are capable of, or not so highly? In answering this, explain why Machiavelli holds the conception of human nature that you think he does – upon what, that is, does his conception rest?

Your two-paragraph response should quote and reference a couple of very key passages in these chapters that bear upon this all-important matter for his political theory. Size 12 time new roman double spaced, EVERYTHING must be cited. With in text citations with Page numbers. Chicago style Format. Be precise no broad statements.