I have an essay on my picot statement ready.My topic is clinical provider shortages. All I need is to make a simple picot question from it.I have attached my document. Please follow the example below.. Like a quick picot lookup.

do not need an essay regarding the PICOT question (don’t write a paper of 750 words) instead, all I need you to do is to follow the example below:

Post a paper with the following.

P – problem and population

I – Intervention (what intervention you are going to do that is based off of evidence based research

C – comparisons. (what are you comparing your outcomes to)

O – outcomes. What measureable outcomes are you looking at. Remember the outcomes need to be measureable. For example CAUTI/1000 patient days.

T – Time frame. What time frame are you looking at for the project. Remember, you need three data points in the outcomes to note a change in practice.

Then write the PICOT question.

Here is an example:

Population: ICU Patients who are intubated. The problem is ventillated associated pneumonia

Intervention: Oral care every 6 hours

Comparison: The rate of VAPS before and after the initiation of oral care.

Outome: Ventilated Associated Outcomes per 1000 patient days.

Time: over 6 months.

So I would write a PICOT question like this:

Does the implementation of agressvie oral care every six hours in ventilated patients decrease the incidence of VAPs/1000 patient days over 6 months?