make an infographic regarding youth crime in canada?

make an infographic on juvenile crime or youg offernders or youth crime in canada by using atleast 6 souces and 3 of them must be indegenous sources, use the statistics, research etc, use indegenous ways to manage the crime for young offenders,

kindly make the infographic according to guidelines below-

1) design a infographic which highlights the use of indigenous knowledge to address the perticular social issue. the development of the infographic will require to

a) Identify the social issue of interest ( youth crime)

b)research how communities and organizations have utilize the indegenous knowledge to the identified social issue

c) explore stretegies for designeing effective infographic

see the usefull articles in attachment and do extra research

kindly cite all sources , must cite in text citing with page numbers , explanation on seperate pages, no internet copying plz