marijuana usage

Your topic is open, but should be on a clearly-defined subject within the field of your major. The subject should be broad enough to allow you to comfortably reach your word limit, but narrow enough to allow you to give good coverage of the topic.

Although you may provide a brief literature review as part of the paper’s introduction, the paper should not solely consist of a summary of other people’s work on your subject. Your thesis should ideally conform to one of the models examined during lecture 15 (“How to develop your thesis”)

Structure should follow the format established previously in the course, i.e. introduction, body, conclusion. APA formatting should be followed, including title page (name, title, institution,course, date), running heads, and reference page. In-line citations should be used.

Length 3,000 words

(your reference page does not count towar ds this); fully referenced; conforming to APA style

The paper should be preceded by an abstract (100-200 words), which is counted as part of the word length.Pictorial examples/graphs etc. may be included if necessary