marketing 121

Reflection: From reading classmates’ discussions, what one new leadership lesson have you learned that can make you a more effective communicator in your interactions with others? Be sure to identify the classmate who inspired your response!

Review this document: Five Paragraph Format. Two-page Journal. Do not need outside resources, just personal ideas or thought

Short discussion: one-page

Reflect on the article from the content marketing institute about the importance of social media content calendars and discuss your opinion of the following statement: “Every social network is a little bit different. You can’t just craft one, single social media update and use it across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc. You can certainly promote the same piece of content across different social media networks, but that doesn’t mean you’ll craft your update in the same way for every single one of them.”

What does this statement mean in your opinion and in relation to social content calendars.

Question 3: one-page summary

After watching the tutorials on Pinterest for Business, write a one-page summary of your key learnings. Submit your assignment as a Word document.

Question 4:

1. Choose 2 Social Bookmarking sites and provide your opinion as to how they are different and how they are similar.

2. Find a successful brand on one of these social bookmarking sites and discuss your opinion as to how they are using the site to their advantage