Mechanics” of a Movie

 (1) minimum 150 words; (2) references to the readings, videos, etc.;

1.  How can a director use the camera, lighting, and sound to evoke emotions in a film?  Think of a film wherein your emotions changed.  Was this the result of the cinematography?  If so, how?  Explain your response.

2.  Imagine your living space is a set for a movie in which you are starring. What would the set tell the audience about you and your life? Why? What elements would be most revealing? How do moviemakers use sets to reveal character information, and create tone and mood for the story? Recall a scene from a film you have seen recently to illustrate your point.

3.  Music and musical scores are often used to elicit an emotional response from the audience. Think of a movie in which the music affected you emotionally, such as Jaws or Sleepless in Seattle. How were you affected negatively or positively by the music?