medium of business communication

Which medium of business communication would use in the following situation for
each of the two groups of recipient, and why. You should send your email to Mr.
Devinci at ******before Midnight *******.
Because of your work, Bright Angel Studios has been selected by the
National Park Service a the studio to produce new posters for all the
national parks in connection with the 100th Anniversary of the Park
Service. This will require employees at every level to work overtime.
If the company successfully fulfils this job order, it will take the
company to the next level. If it fails, it could doom the company.
Mr. Da Vinci asks you to communicate this information to:
1) employees, and
2) to the companies suppliers.

I want TWO docs one for me and the other one for a classmate.

you should say how the message is delivered not whats the message see attached file for a sample of the solution.