Meimei Han primarily facing an acculturation process, Communication Assignment Homework Help

[claim]: Meimei Han primarily facing an acculturation process once she’s transferred from Beijing, China to Redmond, WA, USA. Acculturation refers to the contact between different cultures, resulting in the change of the original culture. The premise of acculturation is “cultural contact”. Through mutual influence, the contact of the two sides have a certain change. Meimei Han transferred from Beijing, China to Redmond, WA, USA, she faces the impact of different cultures, and the adaptation and integration of the new culture. So in this case, Meimei Han is more likely facing acculturation process.

[definition]: According to Tingtoomey,”The intercultural acculturation process is the degree of identity change that occurs when an individual moves from a familiar environment to an unfamiliar one, and it is a gradual, incremental,lifetime identity transformation process.” (Tingtumey, pg.70). According to Tingtumey, enculturation refers to “the sustained, primary socialization process of strangers in their original home (or natal) culture wherein they have internalized their primary cultural values.” (Tingtumey, pg.71). The four distinctive levels of factors that are relevant to both process are: system level factors; individual level factors; interpersonal face to face and network factors; mass media level factors.

[example]: The possible sample factors on system level factors that she’s likely under influence are: socioeconomic factors; attitudinal stance; local institutions. The possible sample factors on individual level factors that she’s likely under influence are: cultural knowledge; demographic variables; personal strength or resilience. The possible sample factors on interpersonal face to face and network factors that she’s likely under influence are: social media and social networks. The possible sample factor on mass media level factors that she will be affected is the other forms of interaction among immigrants.

[explanation]: I think bicultural identity is the most reasonable goal for Han Meimei to develop. Unboubtedly, every city or country boasts its unique cultures and customs. The bicultural identity is one of the ways to deal with the foreign culture and the native culture in the bicultural individual. This approach can help her to recognize and deal with the cultural diversity, and to learn to respect and understand the culture of the United States as well as to identify and spread the national culture. Also, bicultural identity can helps her become open-minded, which is the best way to assimilate essences of different cultures and intelligently utilize them whenever it is necessary. On the other hand, bicultural identity helps her obtain a more objective view about her native culture. This helps her to better and faster transition to a new environment. Finally, I would like to recommend Outsourced to Meimei because the experience of the protagonist in the film is similar to her situation, it is worth learning from. In order to pursue the low cost, the company sent Todd to India to train new employees. At first, he had difficulty in adapting to the different culture ,but he finally learned to understand and tolerate. This process may be able to resonate with Han Meimei’s situation.

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