MFT-6101 wk 5

For this assignment, write an analysis of attachment in your own life. Within your analysis, be sure to include the following:

What experiences did you have as a child that your primary caregiver(s) provided or removed a “safe haven” and “secure base” for you? I HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCE SUCH EVENTS IN MY CHILDHOOD. THEREFORE USE THE EXAMPLE STORY AND MAKE SOMETHING UP PLEASE. ALSO SEE ATTACHMENTS WHICH ARE RESOURCES. As an example of a non-extreme example of an attachment injury, there once was a boy who worked hard to earn the interest of his parents. There was once a boy who struggled with earning the interest of his parents. He tried to do things that would please them; his whole life was geared to make them proud of him. He knew his parents loved sports, his dad especially loved basketball, he practiced very hard to make the varsity basketball team. He initially was not that good and a couple times his dad was so disappointed at his performance he did not show up to anymore games. The season is coming to an end and the boy made the final major lead players. He invited his parents to the finals championship game and informed them he was the lead player. That night he played very well, so excited and anxious to make his parent proud he slam dunked the final shot with seconds on the clock and his team won the championship game. After the game and highlights of congratulations he could not find his parents anywhere. His parent decided to do date night and ignored his invite to this very important game. He skipped the celebration and caught a ride home with friends.

  • What attachment style would you say that you had as a child? Support your response to this item with details that would substantiate the answer based on attachment theory.
  • What could be done to improve your attachment security with significant others in your life?
  • What can you do to provide a “safe haven” and “secure base” for your children and/or other important people in your life?

Length: 5-7 pages