Mission Statement

The next phase of your strategic management plan will require you to
research your company’s history and existing strategic goals. Before we
can make major improvements to the business, we first have to understand
where they came from and what they’re currently trying to accomplish.
Use reliable business sources, the company website, and any traditional
appropriate sources to gather as much background information that you
For the assignment this week, write a paper that’s at least two pages in length and addresses the following:

  • Detail the history of the business. Explain how they got their
    start but focus mostly on how their business has changed over the last
    15 years. Provide a picture of how they adapt to change and any major
    obstacles that they’ve had to overcome.
  • Include some information on the top executives at the company and the role that they’ve played in those last 15 years.
  • Provide the company’s existing mission statement and code of
    ethics. In what way do they articulate their ethical practices through
    policies and public outreach and why is this important?
  • Identify two areas of concern ethically and explain those choices.
    Make sure to discuss why you feel that are areas of ethical concern.
    Think critically about where your chosen company has the potential for
    ethical dilemmas. For example, an accounting firm would be concerned
    with fraud.
  • Rewrite your company’s mission statement. The idea is to provide
    clarity and set the new strategic direction that you think the company
    should be moving towards. Include a paragraph explaining the changes
    that you’ve made and why.