MN 505 Unit 2 DQ 2


Topic 2: Planning Health Promotion

Review the article Story, L., Mayfield-Johnson, S., Downey, L. H., Anderson-Lewis, C., & Day, R. (2010). Getting on Target with Community Health Advisors (GOTCHA): an innovative stroke prevention project. Story et al. GOTCHA. Nursing Inquiry, 17(4), 373-384. This research describes the design, implementation, and evaluation of a community health initiative to reduce the number of strokes in a high risk area of the Mississippi Delta.

Answer the following questions. How was the assessment conducted to determine the      target population, including primary and secondary data?  What model supported the community health initiative? Who were identified as the key stakeholders and how      were they involved in the implementation plan? What was included in the evaluation plan? What have you learned from this research which could      apply to your health promotion proposal?