Mod 3 Discussion: Mixing It Up – Mixed Race Group 1

As our topic is interracial relationships this week, we will first begin with dating and sexualization. Your task is to:

1) Look up screenshots from “casual dating apps” like Tinder or Grindr (or find them yourself if you have accounts on those kind of apps) of either racism, fetishization, or exotification of mixed people or people of color in general.

Image result for grindr racism

2) Put up at least three of the screenshots that you found. (Try to embed the image in your post instead of attaching them–drag and drop works well, you can also upload.)

3) Then read (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

4) Compare and contrast the issue of hypervisibility leading to sexualization and exotification with Purdie-Vaughns and Eibach’s discussion of intersectional invisibility. In your opinion, which one is more damaging (hypervisibility or intersectional invisibility) and why? [This can be damaging on different levels and in different ways–and you can say they tie but you will need to justify your answer.] As always, incorporate materials from class to support your post.