mod 7 discussion

Discussion 1: Content Area and Disciplinary Literacy

After reading the ILA leadership brief on content area and disciplinary literacy discuss how you differentiate between the two in your classroom/ content area (English grades 7-12). Can you share strategies you, or colleagues use, that embed both content and disciplinary literacy in the same lesson?

Please post your initial response by Tuesday November 27th and reply to the main response of at least four (4) other students.

Discussion 2: Words Matter

Research is currently going on in many global cultural settings about the ways in which a culture’s communication, record keeping, knowledge and storytelling represent the culture’s history, values, and changes. For this discussion, develop a main response in which you address the following:

  • What can we as educators do to best prepare our students for the ever expanding global market place and “flat world” without reverting to the offensive 19th century ideology illustrated in the poem “The White Man’s Burden” (by the English poet Rudyard Kipling)?
  • How can educators across grade levels and content areas best prepare students to be literate, productive, and respectful participants global market place they will work in?

Please post your initial response reply to the main response of at least four (4) other students.

Something to think about:

Is it possible to change terms so frequently that universal meaning and understanding is lost? Or, do citizens have the responsibility to constantly reflect on, and refine language so it reflects dignity and understanding for all?

Katie Keier (@bluskyz)
7/13/18, 1:15 PM

Big insight today: When we say ELs, “English Learners”- it comes from a deficit that privileges English. What about EBs “Emergent Bilinguals”? This comes from a place of power, representation & strength – honoring all languages & dialects. #ncte #wlu18 #translanguaging

Discussion 1 – main post and student responses due by the time limit (2 days) I will extend time after that for discussion 2 for another 3-4 days.