Module 01 Course Project – Introduction

After reading the Course Project Overview, write a two-page project introduction to be presented to management.

  • The 2 page paper should be typed in 12 pt. Times Roman, double-spaced.
  • There should be a third page for your references formatted in APA style. This list will grow as you add references each week.
  • In your own words, summarize the problem in one paragraph.
  • In your own words, summarize the computing environment of the company in one paragraph.
  • Using at least 3 credible sources, research how other companies would approach this problem and report on how they implemented the solution. This should be limited to 3 paragraphs.
  • Summarize your approach to implementing the new solution, be sure to state your budget and estimate roughly how long it will take (this is only an estimating at this point, you will develop a plan later in the course, so be prepared to revisit this estimation later.

Please contact your instructor should you have any questions or need clarification. There will be a published grading rubric so you know how your paper will be graded.

Please read and re-read the instructions carefully so you include all the requirements in your submitted assignment.