Module 4: Module 4 – M4 Assignment 1 Discussion, English Homework Help

Assignment 1: Discussion—Standard vs. Nonstandard English

Your writing for this course should be professional in tone and you should follow the rules of standard English. This is also true for most of the writing you will do in school and in your professional life.

To complete this assignment, do each of the following:

  1. From the Multimedia Library in your left-navigation, review the following:
    • “W4 Usage and Style”—>”Topic W4.1: Standard and Nonstandard English,”

    If you have not yet read or listened to the Standard and Nonstandard English Overview, you must do that first. (Attached below)

  2. Write three or four sentences to your best friend describing your greatest success (Attached below). Write as if you were sending an e-mail or posting to Facebook just after this event occurred.
  3. Then, write three or four sentences as if you were responding to the question, “What was your greatest success?” on a job application. Consider that you are trying to make a professional first impression on the potential employer.
  4. Compare the verb choices you made in the two descriptions.
    • Are they the same or different?
    • Did you find yourself “writing for success” for the potential employer? How?