Module 5- Readings/Viewings Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, AH [ Flash…

Module 5- Readings/Viewings

Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, AH   [ Flash version | Video version ]

Hito Steyerl, How Not to be Seen: A Fucking Didactic Educational .MOV File Katherine Hayles, “Virtual Bodies and Flickering Signifiers”(from her 1999 book How We Became Posthuman)

Please consider the two pieces in terms of ideas we’ve raised so far, as well as what Hayles articulates in her essay.

We are circling us around the concept of the black box. Remember this symbol is associated with that which can be seen, and seen in action, but not seen inside. The outside is visible, but the interior is closed, locked, encrypted.

The aim for us to eventually explore how this symbol, and literary approaches that resemble or resonate with it, can help us think about the electronic black boxes of our time — like our phones, with their hidden software processes, or like the shady methods by which oligarchs and certain presidents hide their wealth in real estate. I’m more interested in the symbol because it feels resonant with this moment in history than I am just because I like nonsense. (Though I do.)


Please incorporate specific quotes and references from the work as examples to support your ideas and observations. I don’t want to see posts without specific examples, or claims made without evidence. (Note that claims are different from questions.) Failure to include examples will result in a significantly lowered grade. In addition, please revisit the syllabus for my grading policy on discussion and workshop posts.




Student A

Okay so watching Hito Steyerl, How Not to be Seen: A Fucking Didactic Educational .MOV File, 2013, I really didn’t know what to expect, but I REALLY did not expect to see this. At first I thought it was hysterical and was laughing, but as it went on it was kinda eerie. I was half expecting something to jump out to scare me. The robotic voice that slowly talks about hiding and the creepy music, made it all seem as though someone was talking about ways to hide away from life. As if it someone going through depression. But, then it begins to state things that are invisible; war, love, and capitalism. The robotic monotone voice lacks the ability to add expression in its voice so some words were less clear. It lists things very blatantly then goes on to talk about history and shows you photograph resolutions. Honestly I am really confused as to what the point of this video is, not saying it is not a very interesting art piece it’s just…… very different. Closer to the end of the video it repeats lesson one and to be honest I felt as if I was going crazy. Then suddenly it turns into a music video!! WHY?! After watching the full video for some reason I feel weird. Anyone else?