Monotheism is the belief in one god one superior being

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Monotheism is the belief in one god one superior being not believing in idols or multiple gods. To answer the question of has Judaism always been a monotheism. The Israelites are best known for the bible. The bible is a long history written by many hands. Despite all the time 1000yrs to be exact from Talppys alphabet the bible holds to the existence of one true god t. If we look at Exodus the story told about Moses freeing the Israelites , Moses frees them under the guidance of a one true god this is monotheistic. This was the beginning of the Israelite nation however the Canaanites worshipped many gods and their fallen city Jerrico is believed to have been found and this supports the story of Joshua in the bible who also believed in the same one true god as Moses. But what archeological evidence shows is that there is no evidence of the great exodus and that the ruins of the Canaanite cities were laid waste in increments of time contradictory to Joshua. I believe Judaism began as a monotheism. Buddhist cosmology is the description of the shape and evolution of the universe according to Buddhist scriptures. I find it interesting that according to Buddha we are reincarnated but I also believe it is fascinating that four planes or states exist aeons. I personally am not Buddhist and do not believe in reincarnation.