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This is a combined interview and short research paper, You are first required to interview a health care worker and ask them to identify and discuss solutions to a perceived health care issue in their field. Then, you will research and discuss this issue and proposed solutions.

Part 1- Interview

  1. Clearly state the worker’s job description, the type of facility or organization in which he or she works, a summary of his or her training and experience, whether her or she performs administrative duties or are involved in finances, and whether he or she provides direct patient care or works closely with other care professionals.
  2. Elicit this individual’s overall perceptions of and general satisfaction with our current health care system and the facility where they work. Ask him or her to identify a key issue or concern, either with our health care system or in his or her particular setting, and the solutions this worker would propose to address this particular issue.

Part 2- discussion

Elaborate and discuss the health care issue identified by your interviewee, demonstrating your understanding of both the problem raised and their proposed solution. Would the solutions proposed be feasible or effective? Research the issue and solution, and compare his or her perceptions to others’, your own, and to information found during your research. In your analysis, indicate several health care issues that you believe are important and how you propose to address the problems. Paper should be a minimum of 750 words in length.

Grading criteria

Content  The essay develops a central point, idea, or thesis that is clearly defined and supported by concrete, substantial, and relevant evidence.  24

Organization The essay is organized in paragraphs that are unified, coherent, and effective, with transitions between ideas.  The sentences are correctly constructed, logical and complete.  24

Diction  The essay uses appropriate word choices.  8

Mechanics  The essay uses standard grammar, punctuation and spelling.  8

References  Paper uses internal citations; Works Cited includes at least 3 sources; sources are reliable; citations are properly formatted in APA or MLA style. (Your textbook is an acceptable source.) 16