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Please respond to the Discussion post below. Response to each classmate should be in the 75-word range. Respond to each classmate post by providing thoughtful insight to the topic to motivate the group discussion. Answer all questions with opinions/ideas creatively and clearly. Support post using outside sources when appropriate.

Classmate Post #1

Hello Class,

First of I will tell you what I do. I am a Field Service
Technician for Caterpillar. I work on large machines and diesel engines. The
first characteristics that comes to mind in being organized. Being organized is
very important. If you are not you wont know what machines are down or what
machines go to which customer. Its the same with parts, you will lose them or
bring them to the wrong job. Now impinge taking apart a engine you must
be very organized. I think these are important to my personal imagine, because
who wants someone who can keep there bills paid. The second one would be
punctual. If you cannot show up on time that cost the customer money. Also a
job needs to be done in a certain amount of time. This is very important time
is money in the world. No one wants to wait for someone who is always 1 hour
late to dinner. The third and final is Communication and I personally think
this is the most important for anyone in anything. If you don’t have this then
your world will spin out of control. In fact the whole world will. Customers
need to know what is going on. The parts department needs to know what I need
to get the machine running again. My boss needs to know what jobs I have
finished and where I am. I could not imagine being in a relationship with
someone who couldn’t communicate. It would be like texting to someone all the
time who doesn’t text back.

Thank you

Richard Furlong

Classmate Post #2

Hi everyone,

In the health field, I think having a professional image is very important. The
first characteristic that one should have in order to present that image is
communication skills. You need communication skills in this field because
throughout the day you interact with many people from doctors to patients. Your
communication with a doctor will be much different than that of a patient
because you usually need to use a different language. Another characteristic
would be to be efficient. Because any healthcare facility usually has a lot
going on, it is important to do the multiple jobs you will have in a timely and
efficient manner to make sure your patients are kept comfortable. The last
characteristic would be, in my opinion, to dress professionally. Although there
are many things in a person’s character that gives them a good image, actually
dressing in an appropriate and professional manner helps to make that image.

Isabella Mendez

Post #3

Joint commission standards focus on the importance of quality
health care. It evaluates healthcare organizations to improve their
performances of the healthcare providers. New standards are added to
guarantee the safety of their patients. CARF standards identify what
needs to be done to improve provider services in areas such as Behavioral
Health, youth services, and rehabilitation services. UMLS,
called Unified Medical Language System, is a set of files and systems that
bring standards between computer systems. It links terms such as billing
codes, medical terms, and health information between doctors, pharmacies and
insurance companies. HL7 standards determine how medical information
is delivered from one system to another. The standards are in seven
categories. They are :

Section 1: Primary Standards

Section 2: Foundational Standards

Section 3: Clinical and Administrative Domains

Section 4: EHR Profiles

Section 5: Implementation Guides

Section 6: Rules and References

Section 7: Education & Awareness

Mahrukh Ahmad

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standards. Retrieved September 5, 2018, from

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Classmate #4

Hello All,

The Joint Commission is an independent, not-for- profit
organization and they accredit and certify around 21,000 health care
organizations in the United States. Their mission is to improve health care and
be doing so, they evaluate health care organizations and helping them provide
safe and the highest quality of care possible. The Joint Commission standards
are created from health care professionals, subject matter experts, physicians,
and government agencies. Commission on Accreditation of Rehab Facilities (CARF)
provides accreditation services all over the world when requested by the health
and human services providers. It’s also nonprofit accreditor and provides
services in areas such as aging services, behavioral health, employment and
community services, child and youth services, and opioid treatment programs.
CARF is intended to help promote the quality and value of outcomes of services
through a accreditation process and continuous improvement services that helps
better the lives of people served. Health Level Seven (HL7) is another
nonprofit ANSI- accredited standards who provides the framework and related
standards for integration, exchange, retrieval, and sharing of the electronic
health information. The goal of HL7 is to make sure everyone can securely
access healthcare data when they need it and to improve the care delivery.
Additionally, it helps with optimizing workflow, enhance knowledge transfer for
all stakeholders. Unified Medical Language System (UMLS) integrates and gives
important technology, classification and coding standards (NIH, 2018). It’s
purpose is to promote creation for more effective and interoperable biomedical
information systems and services which include electronic health
records. All of these standards have similar standards in making care
safe, effective, and continuing to provide the highest quality of care




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