non profit assignment of income tax

Think of a cause or issue about which you are passionate.

How could a nonprofit further this cause?

What steps would you have to take to form a nonprofit to support the cause you have chosen?

What kind of nonprofit would be the most useful for this mission?


Write a mission statement for this new nonprofit. Your mission statement should adhere to the requirements for application to, and approval from, the Internal Revenue Service so that you will be approved as the type of nonprofit you identified above. Your mission statement should be specific enough to be approved by the IRS yet broad enough to allow your organization to grow and expand with time.

What kinds of activities might your organization engage in to raise money for your cause?

Will any of the activities you use to raise money create Unrelated Business Income?

If so, what are the additional requirements this income will create?

What kind of tax return will you be required to file?

Who will file the tax return?

Who else will be involved in this organization with you?

You will need to use resources outside of the power points to answer these questions completely. There are many resources available on the internet that are designed to aid in the startup of a nonprofit. Be sure to consider the reliability of the source. Feel free to be creative.

Please write a summary of the above information presented as a business proposal to an investor. “Pitch” your idea to gain support. Spelling, grammar and punctuation count.

Please submit this assignment through Canvas, being sure to include a source page. This is your chance to be creative in Tax 2. Enjoy!