learner will:

  • Describe traditional instructional delivery formats.
  • Discuss the characteristics of alternative instructional delivery formats.
  • Choose appropriate instructional delivery format based on the analysis of the education program.


Question 1:Describe two traditional instructional delivery formats used in basic nursing education. Provide an example of an appropriate application of one of the delivery formats.


Question2:Explain the characteristics of two alternative instructional delivery formats. Why are these delivery formats labeled alternative?

Each discussion response is to be 200-300 words. Typically, the discussion question for each week asks you to respond to several (2-4) key point (multidimensional question) and rarely is a one-dimensional question.

Please proofread response carefully for grammar and spelling.All responses need to be supported by a minimum of 2 scholarly resource (text or peer reviewed journal). In-text Citation is a must and reference must adhere to APA format (6th ed.).Do not have a separate reference page. All references need to be added under the corresponding questions.